Learn After Effects

Stage 1. Research

You're going to learn how to make simple 2d PSR animations like these.

PSR = Position, Scale, Rotation

As you can see in these animations, things are:

  1. Moving around the screen (Position)
  2. Zooming in and out (Scale)
  3. Moving on it's axis (Rotation)
  4. Relying on the visuals (Design)

Stage 2. Learn

2. Simple PSR Basics

1. Introduction

4. Character & Movement

3. Write-On Text (Path Reveal)

6. Basic Typography

5. Motion Tracking

Stage 3. Theory

Stage 4. Brief

Create a showreel and send it to me.

Show me what you've got.

Make it 60 seconds long (Create 12 animations that are 5 second long)

Get your audio track from http://freemusicarchive.org/ or https://www.premiumbeat.com/ and hit those beats, edit the audio down to 60 seconds.

Free video stock clips to use for motion tracking: http://mazwai.com or https://videos.pexels.com/

Show off these skills:

  • Nice Design / Style
  • Layout
  • Smooth movement (Ease keyframes)
  • Typography
  • Motion Tracking
  • Character animation
  • Do something extra that I haven't asked for... Show initiative... Blow me away.