Nada Juice

#3 Prize Eyeka Competition

What if a fruit juice could help you see what’s great about the world? What if every sip could put a spring in your step? What could you do when you approach life’s small challenges with an inexhaustibly positive attitude?

Nada is a brand of high quality fruit juices and drinkable dairy beverages with an ever-optimistic, young-at-heart attitude that exudes vitality. Nada drinkers like to explore the wider world around them and take a different, more dynamic view on life. Every little positive step you take counts, and in Nada’s world: “every sip counts!”

How can you help spread Nada’s positive and dynamic attitude, in a surprising and appealing story?


Creative Challenge

Inspired by NADA’s all-inclusive vision I set out to create a video that encapsulated the diverse range of potential customers.

No matter what your age, gender or occupation it is important to maintain a positive outlook on life and to approach life’s challenges with a pro-active can-do attitude.

For this project I have chosen to focus on the family unit and furthermore the obstacles that each family member may incur on a day-to-day basis. These obstacles are emblematic of the average family’s lifestyle and will hopefully be things that people can relate to within their own lives.

Whether it be a challenging problem at work, finding new dynamic ways to engage a classroom full of pupils or simply overcoming your physical shortcomings; everyone will benefit from a little of NADA’s positive energy and ‘good vibes’.

Along with this positivity, each bottle contains a refreshing mix of fruit, packed with vitamins, which are essential for a healthy mind and body as they not only increase brain functionality but help with vitality as well!

I demonstrated this in my video by showing the juice at work, helping to refresh and revitalise each individual, enabling them to overcome each problem to achieve great results.