Designer. Traveller. Speaker.

D&AD award-winning motion designer. A decade in the industry focusing on animations using After Effects and Cinema 4D. Now travelling full time out of a 30L backpack taking inspiration from new countries and cultures whilst working for big brands like Nike, Unicef and Sony to start-ups and social enterprises.

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Specialties: Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4D, Animation, Motion Design, Illustration, Graphic/Digital Design, Concept Development.

Money comes and goes but TIME is non-refundable. Michael challenges us to consider if we are spending ours how we want and to start using time as our primary currency. He now travels the world full-time living out of a backpack aiming to inspire people to live more intentionally! Michael is an award-winning designer, a traveller and speaker. He’s spent the last decade in the industry as a motion designer and animator working with major brands like Nike and Sony as well as start-ups and social enterprises. Two years ago, in a quest to redesign his life he decided to ditch the hustle culture, embraced minimalism and has been travelling full time, living out of a 30L backpack ever since. His goal is to help people re-evaluate the way they spend their time and resources and to start living more intentionally.